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Company Giving Away New Prenatal Vitamin Drinks

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AUSTIN, TX – There is now an alternative to the large prenatal vitamin pills that often make pregnant women miserable.

Today eauLife North America LLC, an Austin, Texas based women’s healthcare startup company, announced the launch of  glë®, 3oz liquid prenatal vitamin shots, designed for women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or are nursing and want to avoid swallowing large prenatal multi-vitamin pills.

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Company founders, Cortney and Jeremy Caudill, are both former pharmaceutical industry executives who were inspired to develop the unique product when Cortney became pregnant with their first child. The couple spent three years of perfecting the flavor, texture, and effectiveness of glë®, in conjunction with FDA-certified laboratories., The two utilized their industry knowledge and contacts to develop a product for moms and mom’s-to-be that is naturally focused, low calorie, and easy to swallow and digest.

“Prenatal vitamin pills are not easy to swallow, especially when you are nauseous from morning sickness” eauLife Co-Founder Cortney Caudill said. “Because of the increased vitamin and mineral requirements during pregnancy, the extremely large pills can cause problems with your digestion.  These pills are taken every day from the time you are trying to conceive, throughout your pregnancy, and while nursing. Motherhood is a beautiful experience and we wanted to develop a product that enhances that experience by helping women avoid the pain of taking these pills”

“During our early research, we spoke with moms, Ob-Gyns, nutritionists, and industry veterans who all agreed that we were onto something.” Co-Founder Jeremy Caudill said “The current market alternatives to pills such as gummy vitamins or powdered vitamin drink mixes either had fewer vitamins and minerals, were loaded with sugar, or were just too inconvenient.  By focusing our development efforts on creating a once daily, ready to drink liquid formula capable of replacing the large pills, we saw an opportunity to solve a real problem for women and fill a gap in the marketplace.

glë is quickly gaining acceptance in the medical community, which has long been searching for a complete prenatal vitamin solution that increases patient compliance.

“I am incredibly excited about the launch of glë,” acclaimed Ob-Gyn and Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Stephanie Marshall Thompson said. “Finally my patients have an option for excellent prenatal vitamins in a liquid formulation that tastes great. glë is another great addition to products that make the long ten months of pregnancy a little easier.”

The company is celebrating its launch by giving away a ten month supply of glë® to the 500th customer to purchase through their website:  www.gleprenatal.com.

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About eauLife®

eauLife North America LLC is an Austin, Texas based startup company focused on the development of unique products that solve challenges in women’s healthcare.  Cortney and Jeremy Caudill are both ex-pharmaceutical industry executives who founded the company in 2016. The company’s first product is glë®, a 3oz liquid prenatal multivitamin taken once daily.

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