eauLife® is a new prenatal health and wellness company focused on developing safe, natural, innovative women’s products.  With high-quality ingredients and smart branding, design, and packaging, our products will offer superior product experiences and establish a trusted brand for new mothers.

The current market is not enough for new mothers. Even the best prenatal vitamin pills can irritate the stomach and their large size makes them difficult to swallow, especially when you are nauseous. Gummy vitamins, powdered mixes and complementary drinks are either incomplete, inconvenient, or loaded with sugar.  

Additionally, studies have demonstrated that our bodies absorb the liquid forms of many vitamins and minerals best since they are already solubilized and easily taken directly into the bloodstream, rather than traditional pills which must first be broken down in our digestive tracts.

glë is a new line of great tasting, naturally focused liquid prenatal vitamin drinks that are formulated with up to 28 Vitamins and Minerals, including Folic Acid, DHA, Calcium, and Iron.  

Taken daily, just one of our glë 16.9oz or glë 3oz "Bumps" provide a complete doctor-recommended regimen to support you and your baby from the time you are trying to conceive and throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding.



The pharmaceutical industry has been making drugs in liquid forms for years, but taste has always been a second priority with products like nighttime cold medicine or cherry cough syrup as industry benchmarks. Even though many women do not like taking prenatal vitamin pills, we did not think women would want a liquid prenatal vitamin that tasted like cough syrup either. To develop a better product, we decided to take our vitamin formulations to people who know something about taste: the beverage industry.

We set out to develop products that not only taste great, but also are low in sugar and calories and keep a natural profile with no artificial coloring, flavoring, or sweeteners. After 14 months of development work, we came away with something we think women will love.  

glë is the best daily prenatal nutrition experience available for women today who are trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding. It is time to put away those pills.  Starting now, a glë each day is all you need!