When Cortney and Jeremy Caudill decided to start their own company, the guiding principle was to create products that solved real problems and are better in every way than the currently available alternatives on the market. When Cortney was trying to conceive and eventually became pregnant with their son Owen, they realized that the prenatal vitamins that she was required to take daily during this time were very unpleasant. Even the best prenatal vitamin pills irritated her stomach and their large size made them difficult to swallow, especially when she was nauseous with morning sickness. They looked at alternatives to pills such as powders and gummy vitamins; however, these alternatives always came with compromises. Either they were inconvenient or had an incomplete set of vitamins and minerals. They decided the current market was not enough for new mothers and went seeking a better solution. After several months of research, they found studies indicating that our bodies absorb the liquid forms of many vitamins and minerals better than pill forms since they are already solubilized and easily taken directly into the bloodstream. This created the platform for the development of a beverage based delivery of the needed multi-vitamins.



They decided to immediately go into development of a new product. The result was glë®, a line of great tasting, naturally focused, low calorie, liquid prenatal vitamins formulated with pill strength doses of up to 28 Vitamins and Minerals, including the Folic Acid, DHA, Calcium, and Iron essential for women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, or nursing. Taken daily, just one glë 16.9oz or concentrated glë 3oz  "Bump" provides a complete doctor-recommended regimen to support mother and baby.
Now instead of swallowing pills, a glë each day is all a woman needs.